You Can't Beat Experience

Why Choose Us?

The Donation Broker has over 25 years experience working in nonprofit settings and learning cutting edge methods for donor cultivation.  Experience and education are key to innovative solutions.


Board of Directors Development

Galvanizing an engaged and motivated Board of Directors is a key component to activating a healthy organizational fundraising culture.

Fundraising Plan Development

Mapping out a realistic plan of action is vital for successful outcomes. 

Special Event Committee Support

Special Events are a huge investment of time and money. The Donation Broker can support fundraising committees and point you in the right direction.

Marketing & Branding Support

Are you communicating your mission and programming clearly to potential donors? 

Fundraising Training

Fundraising can be daunting for many, The Donation Broker can help individuals identify their strengths and show organizations how to utilize stakeholders to build a healthy fundraising culture. 

Start-Up Nonprofit/Program Development

Are you starting a new nonprofit or do you need help launching a new community program? The Donation Broker can assist you through that process. 

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