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Helping build sustainable nonprofits

The Donation Broker is dedicated to helping nonprofits develop a sustainable platform around diversification of funding sources including individual/corporate donor cultivation, creating a fundraising organizational culture, and nonprofit Board of Directors development. 

"Lack of money is never the problem, it's a symptom"

Every nonprofit is different. There is not a "One Size Fits All" solution for all nonprofits. The Donation Broker can support organizations through consulting and facilitating fundraising efforts.

Nonprofit Membership Benefits

Donation Preferance

First in line

The Donation Broker will match member nonprofits first with potential donors when your mission and programs match the donor's criteria. 

Consulting Perks


Member nonprofits will receive monthly articles and information on best practices for developing and maintaining fundraising sustainability. 

Supports Local Nonprofits

Community Visibility

The Donation Broker will choose an amazing nonprofit to highlight each month on social media outlets and our newsletter. Join the network to enjoy this perk! 

Free Network Subcription

You will be prompted via e-mail to build your profile once you subscribe. Please take time to build your profile because this is the information that will be presented to potential donors/vendors/network partners. The Donation Broker will match contacts based on the information in your profile.

Who is eligible?

  1. Nonprofits with an active 501c(3)
  2. Churches who are doing community programs: food banks, interfaith hospitality, homeless outreach, shelters etc...
  3. Any Business or Government Agency